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    Rose, harsh rose, 
    marred and with stint of petals, 
    meagre flower, thin, 
    sparse of leaf, 

    more precious 
    than a wet rose 
    single on a stem— 
    you are caught in the drift.

    Stunted, with small leaf, 
    you are flung on the sand, 
    you are lifted 
    in the crisp sand 
    that drives in the wind. 

    Can the spice-rose 
    drip such acrid fragrance 
    hardened in a leaf?


"Sea Rose" by H.D.

    <lg type="stanza">
    <l>Rose,<caesura/> harsh rose,</l>
    <l>marred and with stint of petals,</l>
    <l>meagre flower,<caesura/> thin,</l>
    <l>sparse of leaf,</l>
    <lg type="stanza">
    <l enjambed="y">more precious </l>
    <l enjambed="y">than a wet rose </l>
    <l>single on a stem— </l>
    <l>you are caught in the drift. </l>
    <lg type="stanza">
    <l>Stunted,<caesura/> with small leaf,</l>
    <l>you are flung on the sand,</l>
    <l enjambed="y">you are lifted</l>
    <l enjambed="y">in the crisp sand</l>
    <l>that drives in the wind.</l>
    <lg type="stanza">
    <l enjambed="y">Can the spice-rose</l>
    <l enjambed="y">drip such acrid fragrance</l>
    <l enjambed="y">hardened in a leaf?</l>


"Sea Rose" by H.D.

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